Converging Towards Conversant India

Education to Professionalism!

brIQ is a voluntary initiative to spread awareness about higher education and career options amongst the young students. Through sufficient knowledge of available choices, the attempt is to help them take a more informed decision and also be better prepared to achieve it. A non-profit and non-commercial organisation, brIQ was formally established in 2015 with a modest start. With over 50 activities in 2017, the team is now better equipped and more experienced.


What we do

Through one-off and series of structured sessions for the higher secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students, one or more of the following topics are covered:

 ■ Career Options
 ■ Career Readiness
 ■ Resume Writing
 ■ Interview Preparation
 ■ Career Progression
 ■ Communication &  Presentation Skills


Who we are

brIQ is Dr Shivani Desai's brainchild. She's a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Assistant Professor by profession. It was her sole vision to guide and support students in the early phase of education to start preparing for the career demands and hence founding brIQ.

Fondly assisted by Rahul, an information security professional, the team is more experienced in the technology, engineering, pharmacy and medical streams.